A building block for fusion reactors

The World of PMI Science


Scientists will test the next generation of materials capable of withstanding the harshest conditions in fusion reactors.


Using an RF plasma source, researchers will produce high-density plasmas similar to those expected to occur in ITER's divertor targets, as well as in other future fusion devices.

Devices & Sensors

We are developing instruments to better understand the physics that takes place when plasma hits the components of the particle “exhaust system” of future fusion reactors.

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The Future of PMI

For the next few years, scientists and engineers will be hard at work building MPEX on the grounds of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

MPEX’s highly versatile design enables scientists to investigate some of the most crucial questions in the realm of plasma materials interactions.

MPEX recently received approval of Critical Decision 2/3 (CD-2/3) by the Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board (ESAAB), which provides authorization to complete procurement, construction, and implementation activities needed to begin the building of the device.